Sunday, March 17

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Now that I'm just one week shy of being 6 months preggerts, let's talk about the things I know:

  • Obvi- I'm pregnant. And that's a pure dream come true.
  • Working out seems to have become a lot easier. At least motivation-wise. I work out one day, step on the scale the next day, and oddly enough have GAINED another pound. So it's back to the gym I go. It's a vicious cycle.
  • The nuggie squirms all throughout the day. My hand instantly goes to my stomach the second I feel him move. And every once in a while- Chris can feel him. But I swear to you, as soon as Chris puts his hand on my stomach, he stops kicking. I guess I'm already the favorite parent..
  • Turns out your belly isn't the only thing that grows tremendously. One word: watermelons. And Robins doesn't hate it, either.
  • My hair is growing in SO thick and SO fast! Which hasn't ever been the case for me. I've never really liked my hair. Until now. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for after the birth when it all starts falling out.. bleh.
  • Before I hit 12 weeks, I really didn't like pregnancy. Which is pretty obvious from this post. But now I feel amazing all the time. I finally feel like I might slightly have that "pregnancy glow," that I've always so desperately wanted. And I finally know why people say that pregnant women glow. And it isn't because they weigh 30 pounds more than normal.. It's because you have something SO important and big to live for. You feel like you are assisting God in creating a miracle.. and you just feel sincerely happy all the time. 
  • Your husband gains a new sort of love and appreciation for you. Our marriage seems to triple in strength and love for each other every single day. Other than baby J himself, this has been my favorite thing about pregnancy- making one of life's biggest steps with the best man I know. 
  • I'm so tired of gaining weight. But tired isn't the right word... it's more like, I'm just depressed for a couple hours after I get off the scale. 
  • Lots of people have certain opinions on "what is and isn't good for pregnant ladies". I've been ridiculed a couple times for things like ordering a steak, running on the treadmill, or carrying lots of groceries up the stairs.. It's getting harder and harder to bite my lip around these people.  
  • Sleep and I are hardly friends anymore. 
  • Bending over to put on socks or shoes is almost out of the question. Not even because I have a huge belly yet.. but because I feel like there is a giant boulder in my stomach. I don't know how to explain it.. but it's something I've grown to hate with a passion. 
  • I wear the same clothes over and over and over again. Because I'm getting to the point where comfort is more important than style. And if I have to rubber band another pair of jeans, I think I will pass away. 
  • I can't decide if this bullet belongs in the good or the bad. EMOTIONS. The tears flow freely around here. I cry about way too many things. Which sometimes helps me get my way (which is why it's sort of good), but it's probably just mostly getting annoying. 
  • Me and the toilet are like, connected at the hip (more like the butt, I guess..) and I have to pee almost every 20 minutes without fail. 
  • Peach fuzz. On my belly. Grossest. 
  • My skin is struggling in certain areas.. and ways. Which I won't get into. And I've always taken pride in my soft, near-perfect skin. So it's been an adjustment. With lots of tears. 
  • I have a slight bloody nose almost every night. Not enough to wake me up though.. So I just wake up with dried snotty blood clots stuck to my face. Combined with my morning breath, I am a real nice sight to wake up to.
22.5 weeks

So there you have it. If you haven't yet experienced pregnancy, I hope this list can slightly help prepare you mentally for that day. The good outweighs the bad by a mile. As long as you can somehow manage to make sure your husband doesn't look at your face before you have the chance to clean it off the morning.. haha. But seriously. 

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  1. Ah, I love it! Your belly is so cute. I need to see you. That was a funny post - you are a good writer.


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