Saturday, March 2

"It's amost too much for my nerves to handle.."

Excuse my disregard of blogworld. I know that last post I told you how mundane and routine my life was. And the truth is, that's how it normally is. Except for it seems like a tornado hit me in the face a week ago- and now almost every simple thing that I know, is changing.

For the better. 

Let me me touch on a couple of them:

1) My parents sold their house. I didn't necessarily "grow up" in this house, but we moved there when I was 14. So because I have an awful memory, this is where I remember most of my life. It's where I told my mom I had gotten my first kiss, where I spent all my high school summers, and where I had too many fights with my parents when I was a bratty teenager. It holds the garage where I parked my first car, the bathroom where I got ready for school every morning listening to church devotionals (thanks dad), where I learned who I was, and where I got ready for my wedding day.
I love that house- and I haven't been entirely supportive in my parents decision to let it go. But three days ago, I had a change of heart. I work at an apartment complex. So I am constantly moving people in and out of their little homes. The other day when I was doing a final move-out inspection with one of the residents, he said to me, "Ya know.. it's funny how a couple of walls and a floor of carpet can become so familiar. It feels like your entire world. But then you move everything out, and everyone leaves, and it feels like you don't even know the place." And it hit me. A house is a home because of the things that fill it. And once those things are moved somewhere else, your heart follows along. So although I'm surprisingly sad for them to leave, I know that it won't matter. My family is my home,  no matter which roof they might be under.

2) My little brother got his mission call. To Tampa, Florida. Ironically, that is the EXACT mission my older brother Garrett went to. I am so happy for him. But more than anything, I am proud. I feel like I barely made it out of high school with my head on straight, and now days- it seems near impossible. And I'm mostly proud because I know he actually really wants to go. He isn't doing it because "it's what's expected of him". I have watched his spirit transform into who he is today and I honestly feel humbled to be his sister. He is such a good example of patience, kindness, and being well-tempered. We all joke because even though he is the baby of the family, and of course is spoiled, he still seems to be more grown up than the rest of us were at that age.
It seems like over night he went from this:

to this:

I love you Rooney Toone (Devarooney, Roon, Roon face, D-rooney, Devin), and I will miss you more than you know.

3) We're officially building our first home. Even I have to re-read that sentence a couple times to make sure I read it right...
One of Chris and I's favorite things to do is drive around and look at houses/subdivisions/etc.. I can't tell you how many Saturday nights we've ventured off just to look at beautiful homes and dream about the day that we'd be able to buy or build our own.
The whole process sort of came out of no where. One week we were just chuggin along in our daily life, and then the next we were signing our contract!
We both feel blessed beyond our means. The other night Chris said something along the lines of, "I'm really excited about everything, but I'm also freaked out. There's too much good in our life. I feel like there has to be something really bad coming in our future.." And I can't say that I haven't thought the same thing. Sometimes it's hard to feel deserving of good things. There is most defintely someone upstairs taking care of us.
I'd be lying if I didn't say I wasn't slightly bummed that it won't be done before our little babe gets here in July. I'm not sure how easy moving with a 1 month old will be, but then again, when is moving ever easy? Am I right? 
Wish me luck in the designing process. And please bless that our house doesn't turn out awfully mismatched just because I have a really bad visual mind.. Oh, and aren't you all so releived that I finally get to move out of the hood? I know I am.

4) I'm still pregnant.  And no, this event obviously didn't happen in the past week. I have a fat belly to back me up on the that one.. But all-in-all, when I wake up and remember that there is another person inside of me, it is literally life changing. Every. Single. Day. It's a shock that I can't seem to absorb. It's almost fun to forget for like 30 minutes.. Because then when I remember, I get to experience the excitement over and over again.
We got to see every inch of him in our detailed ultrasound yesterday. She was able to confirm the he is stilll a he, and tell us that he was growing perfectly and was as healthy as could be! Which is good because I started to get slightly worried that he would have some defects from all the candy I have been consuming... It's literally all that I crave.
And can I just tell you something embarrassing? I sweat more than I have in my entire life times TEN. Not in the day. Only at the gym. But still. People wallk past me on the treadmill and they stare at me like they are waiting for me to fall over and die. On the up side, I don't have to put my gym clothes in the washer. They're already so wet that I just sprinkle some laundry detergent on them and they clean themselves.
A pic for evidence. Even though you can hardly tell. It is literally falling from my eyelashes. Sickest.
And I was kidding about the whole not washing my clothes thing, by the way..

Life changes, people. Faster than I usually want it to.  


  1. Lauren! Who are you doing your house building through? That is so exciting! I love when you blog! It's hard when parents move from "your" home. Mine did that too, so lame!

  2. Laur! I love this. I am so excited for you! I didn't know you we're building! I feel like I'm missing your pregnancy, I need to see you. Love you!

  3. Lauren! You guys are building a house!! That is so exciting! I need to call you!

  4. So exciting! Where are you building your house at? Thoroughly enjoy creeping on your blog ;)

  5. ahh I need to call you, this is almost too much for my nerves too! I didn't know you were building a house!! Where at? Also I am soo sad that your parents are moving, but I'm glad that you are feeling better about it :) And basically I sweat that much all the time so look out when I'm pregnant, I might just drown in my own sweat!

  6. I always look like that when I work out.
    never fails.
    annnnd I'm jealous you're building a house. super jealous.
    congrats to Devin!!

  7. Where are your parents moving to? And also, where are you moving to?


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