Wednesday, February 6

Life according to my iPhone

Don't get me wrong- I appreciate that my iPhone has a nice camera. But unfortunately because of that, I  feel like I never put thought into taking pictures anymore. And it's a true shame. I used to take so many pictures.. But then again, I guess we all did when we were in college wanting to show off our "crazy party lives". Amiriiighhhtt?
Anyhow. Other than the news of the baby still sinking in, our lives are pretty low key. This is what our Monday-Thursday nights consist of:

Chris gets home from class at 9:30, I get off work at 10:30, and then we sit at our little study table for the next 2 hours (give or take) doing homework.
Mainly Chris does the homework, and I doodle, eat cookies and hot chocolate (pictured above), and distract him every ten minutes. Things get CRAZY.
I know this is such a brief moment in time, and that I should appreciate every stage we're in, but in all honesty- I can't wait for this this stage to be over. I know I've said it here before, but my poor Robins is getting worked to the bone. It definitely makes me appreciate and love him even more knowing how hard he is working for us. That trooper.
TWO. MORE. MONTHS. and we're done forever. Well.. he is, at least.

The good news is that our weekends are now veeerrry treasured. We definitely don't take them for granted anymore. We usually have plans with friends or family every Friday and Saturday night. It's definitely a nice reminder that life is still fun- and that there is indeed, sunshine behind the clouds.

One of our favorite places to go recently is the bar. Imagine that- a pregnant lady lovin' the bar. But seriously. It's an entertainment bar called Keys on Main in downtown SLC and if you haven't been there- you need to go. No, I wouldn't suggest taking your mother-in-law there, but over all, it's a pretty good atmosphere. But truly- go there. Relax, eat some nachos, and have some fun.
And if you're as lucky as me- you might get to see the ever-famous Utah Bachelor star Jef Holm. Dig that. No one at my table of 12 even knew who he was. Like, seriously? But I was flippin out. As soon as Chris saw him, the first words out of his mouth were, "I'm not taking the picture of you and him together..." I was star struck. Although, when my friend Shayla volunteered to go take a picture with me and him, he was just a tiny little short-stack. And I could probably wrap my arms around him twice. Just a teeny little pipsqueek. So.. that was pretty unattractive.

And obviously- since my life now revolves around this little nuggie inside my belly, I have to share some of my most recent finds. I never thought I would enjoy buying little boy clothes. Until now. I could shop every day for him.



I'm dying over all these outfits.
1) A little jumpsuit for a baby?! 2) A dapper outfit for church 3) Gonna look just like his dad in these stripes 4) Seriously- we are going to take him camping in this outfit next fall. And his little flannel is gonna smell like a campfire. And I'm going to just put him on my s'more and eat him!
I can't wait to put a little babe in all these outfits and then proceed to squeeze him. The thought of it is almost unreal.

Things are slowly but surely coming together. Today my wonderful mother bought me this beautiful rocker and I am beyond pumped.

I had a hard time deciding between this one and another beautiful grey one. You may have seen that I posted them on insta for some feedback. But ultimately, I decided that this one would be better for hiding spit up, etc.. And I also thought it would be a little more versatile for a boy and girls nursery. 

And I am currently obsessing over these three rugs:


You wanna see my growing, fat belly? I knew it.. And yes- this baby is turning my hair straight up black. I haven't even dyed it since before I was pregnant! Black, I tell you. Black as black. 

And here's one more picture for you. Just to help you enjoy your Wednesday. This picture cracks Chris and I up at any given time. 

Until next time, chumps. 


  1. Love this! Good choice on the chair. And whoever does not know Jef with one "f" needs to check themselves..

  2. does being pregnant change hair colors?? haha I love it though.
    and look at that little belly. You were meant to be pregnant girly.

  3. That picture at the end makes me laugh!

  4. I've been waiting for an update!! Horray! Cutest little belly ever!!

  5. haha. You guys are so cute I can't stand it!

  6. cuuute baby clothes/blog! :)

  7. Cutest baby clothes! Sometimes, I think boys clothes are cuter than girls. I just really can't wait to come see that baby when he's here. I've been imagining it. Weird, I know. Justin's getting sick of me talking about it. Love ya!

  8. You can still put thought into pictures and show-off your lives just like you did there. LOL! Congratulations for having a baby on the way! Those are really cute baby outfits. You had me laughing at the last picture. :-)
    Darryl Housand


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