Thursday, November 29

Issue in bed & a facelift

There was a second there like two months ago that I was like, "hey, I should be a blogger! Like a serious blogger. Like the one who blogs everyday, even when I have NOTHING that actually matters to talk about." But then I decided against it. Because here's the thing: that is STRESSFUL. I am amazed at all those girls out there who faithfully blog 4-7 times a week. Because it's like a job in itself! It started stressin me out when I hadn't blogged for a week, and then I thought, "I have too many stresses in my life.. Why would I choose to make something enjoyable- stressful by choice?" So there it is, my lengthy apology for getting on a roll, and then suddenly stopping so abruptly. And not to mention, I think I was getting a little too cocky for my husband.. I'm sure he got kinda tired of me telling him, "I got 400 page views today! I'm so famous!!!"

But anways, I'm pretty pissed. Cause I have an issue in bed. And anything that has to do with my sleep, and the disturbing thereof, is a true life issue. Guess why? I'm allergic to my beautiful downcomforter. It is seriously like.. the highlight of our bedroom. I LOVE our comforter. What is better than a bed full of feathers? Well I'll tell you what's better: when you aren't awake 17 times a night coughing your lungs out. I thought I was getting seriously sick or something. I had this gross cough for like 3 weeks and I had no idea what it was or where it was coming from [and it only came at night]. I was pretty sure I had the black lung. And I'm also pretty sure that Chris was about to sleep on the couch. And then my genius mother reminded me that I had a similar reaction to a feather pillow she had bought me when I was younger. BINGO. I was so happy about this discovery for about 2 minutes until I realized I would have to give up my beautiful bedding. And then I was suprisingly sad. I know material items shouldn't matter so much, but for some reason, this one just does... So I had to make the choice: Beautiful Comforter vs. Lung&Husband.
The lung won. And so did Robins. So if you're in the market for a plush, squishy comforter, knock on my door. (And when you saw this blog title, you definitely didn't think that this would be the hot topic, did you.)

In other news, Chris and I had a lovely Thanksgiving. We were able to share it with both of our families. In St. George and Richfield. In two days. Yes, there was a lot of driving. Which is why I didn't take a single picture to document.. But it was so worth it just to spend a little quality time with the people we love the most.
And now that the break is over, neither he nor I can seem to get our brains back to functioning for school. It is seriously dragging. I don't think I've ever been more excited for Christmas break.
Which by the way- Happy Christmas season!! Oh, I can't even tell you how much I love snuggling up on the couch, watching movies, and drinking hot chocolate. And wearing socks in bed. Tis the season!

Life is good, guys!! So many fun things ahead. Truly. Keep checkin in ;)

P.s. Hey! Did you also notice my new blog design?! I am in looove. I needed something clean and fresh and new. And I NEVER could have accomplished it on my own. Cause seriously, blog codes and stuff are way harder than anybody knows. This lovely little lady did it for me, and I love her for it. If you're in need of a blog facelift, email her for sure.


  1. LOVE your new layout. so cute.
    and that's so sad you're allergic to you comforter. :( I would take it if Landon didn't burn up at night with only sheets on the bed. I have like, four blankets on top of me at night and he's over there hangin out like it's 100 degrees.

  2. I love your new design! I need a blog facelift.. how much did it cost you? I want to be a big blogger but I just have no time! But this Christmas break I am going to blog lots I think!! Miss you!

  3. I love the design. It is definitely fresh! And that is hilarious that you share your blog milestones with your husband! I do the same! Haha! XOXO your newest follower

  4. Girl~ we're looking for a comforter! If you still have it we'll buy it from ya!... if that's not weird... haha:)


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