Monday, December 17

A birthday for Robins

That boy of mine turned 26. I love these couple months in between our birthdays when he officially 5 years older than me. He hates when I tell people I'm 5 years younger than him. I don't know why it's so different than 4 years, but I get a kick out of it.

Let's take a second (or a whole post) and talk about Chris real quick.

This poor guy is going to school full time AND working full time. Who even has time for a part-time job?! Not me.. And he still manages to come home at night and give me all the attention I want. It's truly awe inspiring, because I am a full time job myself.

He held a full time job even at the ripe age of 4..

He will officially have his Masters Degree in Accounting and be done with school forever in 4 months! I couldn't be happier. And there is no doubt he feels the same way. He is so accomplished- it makes me look bad. He also has like 3 callings in church.. and I just sit in nursery and think my life is so hard. Sometimes I wonder when he will catch a break.. Oh and also, let me tell you a story real quick that just makes me so proud of Christopher Dan:

My brother Carson called me the other day to tell me he had met a girl that went to high school in Bountiful. So naturally he asked, "Oh, do you know a Chris Jepsen? He's my brother-in-law and he went to Bountiful too!" She quickly responded that she didn't know him, but then her husband who was standing near by was like, "Hey, did he serve his mission in Perth, Australia? Cause if he did, I know him! Well.. I don't actually know him- I got there a year after he had already left. But he was a mission legend! Everyone knew about Elder Jepsen.."
The guy had never met him- but he still knew his name like 5 years later! Let's just say I was ultra-impressed. Especially since Chris would never ever think about bragging. All I know is that if he was that good of a missionary, he's gonna be super blessed. And since I live with him, I get those blessings too ya know? I feel pretty good about that..

It really annoys me when people say, "My husband is better than yours". Cause that's actually really rude and just doesn't make anyone feel good. Everyone thinks they have the best husband, and guess what? They probably do. They have someone that is perfect for them. And that is exactly how I feel about Chris. Last night when we were laying in bed, I said, "I'm so happy you were born 26 years ago.. because I would still be single if you hadn't been.." Of course he disagreed and said that I would still be married despite his existence. Which is actually probably true. But I wouldn't have been as happy as I am now- and I sincerely believe that. I think that Chris was made for loving me. He evens me out perfectly and I can truly say he is the other half of my crazy puzzle. I know for a fact that I didn't pick him myself. There is no way I could've done it alone. The Lord had a plan. He knew what I needed, and even though I'll never feel like I deserve him, he sent me Chris.

Oh, I love him.

My cup runith over. Happy birthday big guy!

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