Monday, October 1

Why yes, I do love doing nothing.

I woke up this morning and today just wasn't my day. For reasons we will avoid.

So instead of opening all my blinds, I kept them all shut. Kept all the lights off, but turned on every lamp in the house. And turned on my candle warmer. Just to get that, "it's a dreary, stay in your pajamas day" kind of feel. And believe me, I stayed in my pajamas. All day. I even took a mid-day bath. Can you imagine that? (Not me in the bath obviously.. but just the idea of it. Although, if your mind wanders to the previous- no worries.. happens to the best of us)

I made my first loaf of bread. And then dipped it in hot chocolate. Seriously exceptional. It has 4 ingredients. And water isn't really an ingredient, so it's more like only 3. And it was so easy. Click here for the recipe. 

It was a great way to welcome October and all of it's Fallishness.

Oh and guess what? Last night Robins let me lay out his outfit for work. I ironed his shirt, picked out his pants, tie, shoes, and belt; and laid them out for the next morning. And I proceeded to ask Chris if he would let me do that every night.. he didn't give me an answer.. (I think he liked the idea, but also thought I was turning into his dutiful mom instead of being his sexy wife)

I live for the day that I get to stay at home, clean, iron, fold piles of laundry, snuggle babies, and pack Chris's lunch. Some of you will understand this. Other's will think I'm a full blown crazy person.

I just feel more accomplished when Chris comes home from work, and there is a delish dinner on the table vs. getting a 95% on a political science test. It would probably do me good to have more desire when it comes to school, but I just don't. Bleh. I hate school I think. And I definitely hate advisors. Some little missy led me very astray. And believe me- I mailed in a big complaint about her.

So I have come the conclusion that even though I didn't exit my front door even once today, a lot was accomplished. And I loved it. I love it every time.

And now I'm just sitting on my rug. In my pajamas that I put on like 20 hours ago.. wadd up.

-Happy Monday!

P.s. I'm fully aware that I make myself look like.. really really good on this blog. But at least I'm following through with what I told you I WOULDN'T do in this post.
P.s.s. I am also fully aware that this post had absolutely zero rhythm. And that's okay too.

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  1. I dream every day of staying home taking care of babies, making lunches, doing my house work and having dinner ready for my hubby! Sounds divine!! U think we're twins.


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