Monday, July 30

just the truth.

I was reading my old "single life" blog the other day and I realized why I never blog anymore. Because its an awkward blogging phase. When you're single you have so much to vent about (boys), a lot of awkward singles ward stories, the crazy spring break trip you went on, the story of your engagement etc.. But suddenly you're married. And then its like.. you can either blog about a new recipe you just found or you can start posting your outfits online.. which I would rather not do, you know?
So every once in a while I look at my blog and think, "well.. I could probably write about how last night when I was taking a 40 minute shower the smoke alarm went off.. and I fell out.." or, "I could write about how yesterday when Chris and I were walking into our apartment, our neighbor leaned out his door, gave us a little wave, and then threw up all over his patio." 
And then I hit myself in the face. Because those ideas are gay. What happened to my blogging self?! My life happened. 
And I will be the FIRST to say that there is not one thing in this world better than being married (other than Mint Oreo Fudge Creme cookies. Just kidding, kinda).  But my other problem is that I definitely have no desire to be the girl who makes my life seem like a fairy tale. Like I have no problems whatsoever, my husband is a perfect GQ model who makes 8 million dollars, I got to the gym everyday, I make the most adorable crafts weekly, sewed all my new cushions, YOU KNOW what kind of people I'm talking about. And then there are people on the opposite side of the spectrum who, "tell it how it is". Talking about how their life that seems perfect on the outside is actually pretty hard on the inside.. and how having a baby is actually pretty miserable, etc. Which most the time, I really appreciate those blogs and their blatant honesty. But I usually find myself feeling bad for those people.
My point is this, I feel like you have to drastically alter your blogging life upon marriage. And you have to be pretty creative. So that you don't end up writing about your neighbor with the stomach flu.. or heaven forbid, try to become a photographer. 
But I really want to be able to look at this blog and remember my memories with Chris. So bear with me while I try to find my new writing knack for the simplicity of the married life :) 

And guess what? I'm not going into radiology anymore. Consider this my public debut. Life dream=epic fail.


  1. I know what you mean about life dream=epic fail. I haven't registered for any classes this sememster because I just don't want to do what I was doing anymore. hated it. scared to death to break that one to the rents...

    and I love your style of writing. I get so excited when I see you blogged. But I know what you mean about the different spectrums. I say when all else fails, just write about the funny crap that happens to you. That's what I do.

  2. I appreciate, agree and love this blog post. AMEN :)

  3. You couldn't be more right, Lauren! Don't you just feel down on yourself after you read that "perfect wife's" blog? All the delicious recipes and the beautifully landscaped yards and immaculate houses...I think that's why a lot of girls are so hard on themselves. They think they aren't good enough. I'd rather be the blogger who is blantantly honest :)

  4. i love this. It's so true and you hit it spot on! Let's play for real, we think the same way chika!


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