Tuesday, September 18

Wal-Mart win and win.

Let me just say this. I know I have talked about the grocery store an acceptional amount of times in my posts lately. And I swear my life involves more than just groceries, and that my life is actually cooler than I make it sound. But let me also say this, I HATE grocery shopping for the week.

Without fail, on que every week, I beg Chris to come with me. So that   a) we can tag team my monster list and make it go by faster   b) because I swear what I pick never satisfies that man  c)  I can make Chris feel like he married a four year old when I stand on the front of the cart and make him push me around.

But the sad truth is that he refuses to go. He hates it as much as I do. And actually it's probably better that I go alone. That way I don't have to buy the Great Value brand of everything..

So I went last night. I make sure to dress as ugly as possible- so that the angry depressed look on face matches my outfits. But guess what I found. You will never believe it. Or maybe you will. Maybe everyone else has seen them and I have been in the dark for far too long...


um YEAH. I found Uncrustables. Me and my friends used to buy these things out of the vending machine every freakin day in high school. And they were my absolute favorite item to ever grace the presence of vending machines. I didn't even hesitate to open that freezer isle door and grab the biggest box they had. But here's where it gets even better.

I died. Rigth there in Wally world. Peanut butter and HONEY uncrustable? Have mercy. Everything in the world was right. For a split second I didn't even care if Obama became president... that's how untouchably happy I was.

These babies were in the freezer isle, but guess what? I couldn't even wait for it to thaw. I bit into it as soon as possible. And I'm pretty sure I chipped a tooth.. but I continued on.

I pretty much have never promoted anything on my blog, but today I am promoting Wal Mart. Because a peanut butter and honey uncrustable is mind blowing, really.

Oh, and guess what picture made me almost tear up today? This.

 And no. Not because there is an innocent dead animal in the picture.

But because look at my sweet elk-killing dad!! He has LITERALLY waited for 20 years to draw out for an elk hunt. This man lives to be in the mountains. Every single year that has passed without his name being drawn out for an elk tag has been seriously so sad. He's been up hunting with all his friends for the past week now so when I finally got this picture I was stoked for him. Good job pops!

So that's all for now. Have a lovely week lovelies.

P.s. Don't relate the uncrustables to this dead elk. Because that would entirely spoil your outlook.

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  1. ho-ly crap. that's one hell of an elk he got there. good for him.
    hope you didn't fill up on uncrustables.


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