Friday, September 21

Tender Mercies

I stumbled upon this blog randomly today, and it absolutely touched my heart. I will give you the links to both of the blogs, but if you don't have time to read all of the posts I will summarize it:

This sweet girl Tiffany (blog here: lost her husband Jared in November of 2011 while pregnant with their second daughter. He died in his sleep, for no particular reason. Her cousin has two posts about 1) his passing 2) the birth of their daughter Jaclyn.
Let me just tell you this. I have cried reading many touching stories like this, but I full on SOBBED watching this. It will do more than "tug at your heart stings". It will put your heart strings right out. I absolutely cannot imagine losing Chris. Cannot. Let alone having a two year old and being 6 months pregnant. This girl has full on lived my worst nightmare. And even though I have never met her, and probably never will, my heart hurts for her. That she had to endure that kind of trial. But as far as I have read, she has handled it like a champion.

>>> Read this post about Jared, written by his cousin and then watch this video.
The video with his little girl saying goodbye to the balloons at his funeral is the sweetest/saddest thing I have ever seen.
>>> Read this post about the delivery of their second daughter Jaclyn, four months after he died.  And then makes sure to watch this video at the end of the post.

Although this is one of the saddest most heart wrenching stories I've ever read about, it also brings peace in knowing that God lives. He has a plan for us. And though a trial like that doesn't seem fair for anyone to have to endure, Jared's time here on Earth was done. He had bigger, more important things to do somewhere else.

 I love what Camille (Jareds cousin) said at the end of one of her posts. It reads:

"The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is REAL. This church was restored by a REAL prophet, Joseph Smith. We have a REAL prophet living today, Thomas S. Monson. The Book of Mormon was not made up, it is REAL scripture translated from REAL prophets of old, to be used as a companion with the Bible. We are surrounded daily by REAL angels; helping, guiding and protecting us. This life is but a small speck in the eternities and it has been testified to me that death from this life is really just a "going home." All the more reason for us to live this life to the fullest, serve others every day, be better every day, appreciate and love our families, and strive to keep the Spirit with us every day. I love and miss Jared. I have had the gift of feeling his love and appreciation for me. I know we will see him again, and what a fine reunion that will be."

I needed to find and read this post tonight. It made me remember why we are here on this earth. It isn't to go to school, work, and make a living. It is here for us to ENJOY. Our lives were given to us as a gift. There is nothing more important than the gospel, family, friends, and simple joys in life.

For me, finding this blog was like a little tender mercy. It is undescribably sad, but it has reminded what matters most to me. And to never lose sight of that.
So I'm gonna go snuggle Chris now, and think of nothing else. Because he, along with many others, are the most precious things I have in this life.


  1. Your post on Facebook that's all, "get ready to sob" and I'm all, "whatever, I cold as stone, I don't cry" and then I'm halfway through it ugly crying, clinging to Landon's arm saying, "don't you dare die!" and he's getting all pissed cause he's trying to play a video game and I'm handicapping him, and he's like, "i'm gonna die if you don't let go!"

    but in all seriousness, sometimes we need a little perspective how the things and people we hold dearest can disappear just like that. never take someone for granted. so sad, but the testimony and the spirit you feel reading it is amazing.

  2. yeah made me cry.. worse nightmare


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