Friday, September 14

West side. Represent.

So remember in my last post I said that the people in my "parts of town" had duct tape, zip-ties, and rope in their shopping cart? Well here's the thing. I really do live in the hood I think.
And of course that could be because I grew up the sweet little bubble town of Heber... but that aside- I am fightin for my life every day. Literally? Probably not. But metaphorically? Yes. The west side is where the true homies live. And I'm becoming one of them.

When we first drove down from Logan (our previous bubble town home) and checked out this apartment complex I told Chris as we were driving away, "Chris. I just got a really warm feeling in my chest.. I think I just got a revalation from God. He doesn't think we should live here.. Chris.. seriously. We won't. Say we won't? Chris, I'm serious, you can't make me anways."
And a month later, we moved in.

Our actual complex is really nice. And we get a good deal because of Chris' dad. But if you go outside of our fence, things get dangerous. Just ask my sweet friend Amanda. She literally lives on the other side of the fence from us. And drug dealers live in her basement. And a little girl just got straight up abducted over there. YEAH. Do you have a blank stare on your face and a tiny prayer in your heart for me? Say you do.

What triggered this post was an email I got today from our bishop. The message was as follows:
You may need to bring battery operated lamp to church on Sunday. Because a runaway car hit the main transformer at the church and the power wont be fixed by Sunday.

A runaway car. No shocker there. Those dang runaways. It was probably my neighbor. Let's be honest- it was probably my car...

Here's my ritual. When I wake up to pee in the middle of the night (every night, might I add) I peek out of my blinds for a minute just in case I need to witness any shady business going on. And at this point, I am thinking that any night now I will witness a real catastrophe. And be able to testify in court when I turn them in and become the "hero from the hood".

I love my little home. My home is wherever Robins is. [Oooor wherever there is a pantry full of chocolate chips]  And while I may live the life of slum dog.. one thing is for certain- I'm a survivor. And you can bet your ass, I'm gonna make it.


  1. Too funny silly girl. Saying a little prayer for you and da hood.

  2. I had a prayer in my heart for you the second I heard you moved to West Layton.
    you're such a fun writer. I love reading your blog.


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