Sunday, August 12

1 year.

So it turns out that 365 days ago I married my Robins. What a relief... we made it.
In all seriousness though, 365 FREAKIN DAYS!!! That seems like a long time, right? A little part of me is sad though, because I feel like I can no longer say that I am a newlywed.. and believe me, I LOVED saying that. Nothing fun about saying "we've been married for 14 months"..
Here it is though: the truth REALLY is that you fall more in love as time goes on. I heard that from several people when I was engaged or very first married and just thought to myself, "yeah, you say that now because you don't remember how amazing it feels to be a newlywed.." And I'll be blatantly honest (sorry if this seems x-rated?), the urge to run home and jump in bed together does fade a little. But not because that "part" isn't as fun, but because snuggling on the couch studying for finals, or running out for Thai food at midnight is just as much of a reminder as to why you love that person so much.
There are times that don't go as smoothly as you'd like, but there is so much reward in learning and growing together. I am so happy that he picked me. I'm also so happy that I convinced him to.
He planned the perfect weekend getaway for our anniversary too, so that means he gets extra "I'll keep you forever" points.
First of all- my best friend Lauren Cole got married on our anniversary! What a perfect way to celebrate, right? Going to a wedding sealing! So we woke up bright and early (6:00 a.m.- omg that was rough) and headed to the temple. It was the most beautiful day. And so good to see all of my friends there. Afterwards, we all went to Kneaders for breakfast. So it doesn't get much better than that.

Waiting for Laur to come out!

Then Chris took me to the PC outlets and let me go on a shopping spree! And let me just brag about this- because it will most likely never happen again.. Haha. Seriously. Also- guess what else is cool? The lady that made our wedding cake remade our top layer for our first year anniversary! She doesn't believe in the whole "freezing your wedding cake for an entire year and then expecting it to still taste good" thing.  So since my family ate our ENTIRE wedding cake while we were on our honeymoon- we were definitely happy to get another one a year later:) And that night we went to the Laur's reception in Midway! 

VH6- all of my very best friends

That night, Chris surprised me with a hotel room at the Canyons resort! It was such a wonderful day- but most all, it was so good to remember that special day that took place 1 year ago. I am beyond lucky to have Chris. He always tries to make me happy, laughs at my immature jokes, lets me be right even when I'm wrong, doesn't get mad when I keep him up really late, runs out to grab a redbox on my demand, works so hard for our little family, supports all of my decisions, and above all makes me want to be a better person every single day. So here's to you robins- I love you even more than I did 365 days ago. I am so excited for everything left ahead. 


  1. this just makes me wanna cry. i hope i have a love like your guys' love someday.

  2. Laur I'm glad you're blogging again! And I loved this day, I miss you guys so much! Happy Anniversary!! It only keeps getting better!


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