Tuesday, April 24

Sad story turned gooood.

 So... does anyone remember this blog? And how it's obnoxiously like, "OMG you guys- I am SERIOUSLY SO BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!" And you think.. "OMG- shut it". ???
Well I'm  about to chalk one of those blogs up onto my list. Never thought I'd do it.. But you guys- I am seriously so blessed. Haaa ha.
Let's start here. My sweet mom. She has had a rouuuugh couple months- bless her heart. About three months ago she was diagnosed with cancer. Cancer has never TOUCHED anyone in our family. Neither side. So as you'd imagine- this came as a huge shock to everyone, and especially her.
So they scheduled her for massive surgery... a MONTH later! We wouldn't know the results of how far the cancer had spread until after the surgery, and if she'd have to go through chemo. So to say the least- it was a painfully long month... lots of emotions and lots of prayers. So the surgery day finally came. I tried to get my poor dad out of the waiting room, but he wouldn't budge. He was there for 7 hours straight.. He's the sweetest, but I can address more of that later.
So my dad, sister, and I waited for her, and after what felt like forever- they finally brought her out. My mom on heavy drugs= always funny. But this time it was scary.
It's scary to see your parent go through something like that. I'm so used to my mom taking care of ME, and being nervous for ME, praying, hoping, and crying for ME. I've never had to feel that for my mom. And I never thought I'd have to.. at least not this soon. I felt like it was my responsibility to take care of her. To comfort her. Because for the past 20 years of my life, the roles were reversed. And no one can comfort me like my mom. She has always been my first phone call when I flunked a test, felt lost, or got my heart broken. She has been my ultimate comforter and for the first time in my life the words of a parent, "I wish I could go through this for you," rang true for me. I wish I could've gone through it for her. I was so scared, but I had to pretend I wasn't.
The week following the surgery was full of family visits. My dad never left that hospital once. He slept on that dreadful cot every single night, watched his golf during the day, and went to the cafeteria for all of his meals. Even on Easter Sunday. He is absolutely the most Christlike person I have ever met, and I have no doubt he is one of our Heavenly Fathers biggest angels.
A week later, we were informed that my mom was free of cancer. The surgery was a success, and the worry was over. It was such a relief and we all feel like we can breathe now. She still has a pretty long road of recovery left ahead of her, but she has been SO brave throughout all of this and I couldn't be more proud of her. Good job mamma :)
Hahahhaha look at me and my momma!! And tiny Rooney.
Look at her- she is a beauty in a hosp bed!

Next off- Chris and I both got accepted into school!! Of course Chris is sooooo smart, and got accepted into both schools he applied for! Chris will be getting his Masters in Accounting and I will be getting my Radiology degree! I've both been out of school for a while now so... I'm freakin scared to go back. I feel like I can't. Like I've outgrown the school scene. I'm only 20. HA.
I'm just excited to get the next two years out of the way so that Chris will let me have baaaaabbbiiieees!!!! Haha just kidding.......  ..  No actually, really though. As soon as I have that degree in my hands, I'll hopefully be able to grow something in my belly!! So stay tuned. For the next two years. Haha.
I'm actually kinda jealous that Chris has two...


  1. baby hungry, eh? nice.
    I'm so happy you're mamma is cancer free. We'll keep her in our prayers. And your dad. :) such a sweetheart, I would like to think Landy would do the same for me. glad you're back to the blogging world. you should update more! :)

  2. Accepted!
    Yay! Congrats to you both. I am so excited for you. I love when you blog!

  3. Okay so I know you wrote this over a month ago - but i love it. You are wonderful :)


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