Sunday, February 12

Full of Goodies

Feb 11th. Just a great day.
And I used to be really good about writing in my journal about days like this so I could remember them. Now I just blog them. Who has time to write with a pencil anymore?
So... we've been married 6 whole months!!! I honestly can't believe it. The other day at work someone asked me, "So how long have you been married?" and I replied, "almost a year!!" Clearly it's not "almost a year," but saying six months feels so much cooler than saying three months. It makes me feel proud. Like I might as well be saying, "Yeah, we've battled a lot of rough times together, but still came out on top.."Ha. Which we haven't by the way. We've had
clear blue skies since we've been married. But I also feel a little bit sad because I feel like people no longer think we're freshly fresh fresh newlyweds. Even though I still feel like we are ;)
So when I woke up yesterday morning, Chris greeted me with a dozen roses and some sparkling cider! Although if any of you have ever had sparkling cider at 7:30 in the morning, you will know that it doesn't wake you as gently as you would like.. But none-the-less I was pretty impressed with his romantic "anniversary skills"!

Then we headed up to Heber to go tubing at Soldier Hollow with the fam! I've been there so many times that I think I forgot how genuinely fun that place is. I would even go as far as saying riding your tube UP the hill on that little pulley thingy is as fun as riding your tube DOWN the hill on the man-made snow. Highlights:
  • Kallee bear my 4 year old niece being braver and more enthusiastic than any of the rest of us. (Although she had a lot more energy than the rest of us because she never placed foot outside of her tube to walk herself up the hill. Chris was her slave.)
  • My 26 year old brother Garrett FLYING through the fence at the bottom of the run every time.

Later on that night I had the opportunity to be a part of the most wonderful event I've experienced in a long time! One of my best friends, Lauren Cole PROPOSED TO HER BOYFRIEND!!!! No joke. She set up this wonderful plan, and it all panned out perfectly.
She invited all of his and her closest friends and family (including his parents from Oregon, whom he didn't know flew in), to meet at her house for an "surprise engagement party". Hence, he didn't know they were getting engaged. When she and Spencer arrived, we all hid (all 40 of us) and turned all the lights off. When they walked in the door, her little sister ran up to her with a little card and ran off. Spencer pulled out his phone so he could read it. On it read: Will you marry me? We obviously couldn't see anything in the pitch black but we heard Lauren say, "Spencer, will you marry me?" ....... he answered, ".....yeah?????" Then we turned on the lights and all jumped out! He was SO DUMBFOUNDED. Hahahaha. It was so wonderful.
    He has been wanting to marry Lauren for 2 years now, but she was just taking her sweet time. When she finally felt ready, she decided to propose to him. It was the coolest thing in the world. So now I have a freshly engaged bestie and I couldn't be happier for her and Spencer!
    They are the cutest couple and the best part is that Chris really likes Spencer, so that means we will have a wonderful new married couple to join our clan! :) Thanks for letting us be a part of your special night laur, we love you guys!
    Laur reinacting the deed.

    All in all, it was a wonderful way to celebrate our 6 month anniversary! I'm so excited for the next 6 months, and the rest of forever with Chris. Boo ya.

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    1. awwww laur! <3 i love you!!!! I am so happy you could come. you are the best blogger ever. i want to blog like you. happy 6 month anniversary! and don't worry i still think of you guys as newly weds!!! lets hang out soon! lauren


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