Wednesday, January 25

Wingie Dingie

Buffalo Wild Wings. Aka: BW3. Have you ever been there? I hadn't. Until last night.
Ex: Asian Zing, Honey BBQ, Parmesan Garlic, Thai Curry, Teriyaki, plus a million more..

Last night was gooood night. And not only because we were celebrating THREE different celebrators. It was just good because:
A) The wings were delicious (p.s. this restaurant is famous all over America, but just made its debut in Utah last week).
B) The music was so loud and happenin' that I was bouncing in my air-spring booth seat all night.
C) I love my family! And it was kinda cool that all three of us "married" Browns were all together celebrating just like we were neighborhood friends.

So Chris & myself, Rachel & T.J., and Carson & Simone all met up for dinner last night. Because all of us had something wonderful to celebrate! I will let you in on the goodness.

Rach and T: So if any of you know my brother-in-law TJ, you will know that he is literally one of the best State Farm Insurance agents in the country, let alone the state of Utah. Yesterday he hit a HUGE mark on sales and officially became part of State Farms, "Round-Table Chairmen" (I could be completely wrong on that term, but it sounds right...?) !!!!!! BONUS!!!! He is such a hard worker, and still manages to be one of the funniest, most well-rounded guys I know. Way to go T, now the rest of us can watch you become a millionaire ;)

Carson and Simone: They are building a FREAKIN house!!!!! What kind of 24 year old just straight up builds his own house? Well. . he isn't literally building it. But he's paying for it. Which is cooler anyways. We were able to go look at it during our 45 minute wait at BW3. It was fantastic. And almost done! So happy for them.

Chris and I: Chris just started his new job (as mentioned in the previous post) as an accountant, and loves it! I, on the other hand, have attended 9 interviews in the past 5 weeks desperately looking for a job. I was getting real discouraged (so discouraged that I was about two inches from taking a job at Victorias Secret. . .). But I got a call Monday morning from IHC in Murray offering me the job that I had wanted more than any of the others I applied for! Let me tell you why.
  • Because I have never wanted anything more than to work in a hospital, let alone the biggest one in the state! And wearing scrubs to work has got to be one of life's greatest joys.
  • Because I will be a Rad Tech Assistant. And if you just take off the "assistant" part, there you have my dream job, that I have literally wanted for at least twelve years. I know, right? What kind of 8 year old wants to take pictures of bones? I was obsessed with the "x" on elementary alphabet charts because it always had a picture of and x-ray below it...
  • Because I just applied for the Rad Tech program (for the second time) at Weber and this job will up my chances of getting in!
  • Aaaaaannnndd, the lady that interviewed me told me that, "if you get your clinicals at this hospital, there's a good chance that we will hire you on as a Rad Tech here after your done with school." HOLY CRAP.
So, not to jump ahead of myself, but. . . . that interview could have possibly been the last interview I have in YEARS!! If all works out as planned. . I mean, I am dreaming big. But big dreams are good I hear!
It was just a great night. I love family. And food. So mix them together and you get wings. Or. . just a good time. Even though we're all in different phases of life, celebrating all different sorts of celebrations, we were all celebrating success.
So all in all, bonuses, new houses, and new jobs are perfectly accomadated with a side (and by side I mean full-on entree) of wings. There ya have it.

P.s. Sorry for including the word "dingie" in my title. It just was the only word I could think of that rhymed with "wingie".

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  1. Laur!!! i love this post! I didn't know that about your job!!! I'm so proud of you! that's so great. Look at you in the big world. And whenever you visit carson and simone you can just hop right over to my mom's and visit me cuz they're right close to each other! Also, I was real concerned when you posted on facebook "wingie dingie" so thanks for apologizing for it :)


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