Thursday, January 19


It's 7:30 A.M. and I am writing a blog. Look at me, being so domesticated. I am becoming real housewife-ish.
Monday was a big day for me. For us. It was Chris's first day of real life work. The kind of work that he studied four years in college for. Accounting. You might not think that it's really that "big" of an ordeal. But it really is! It's kind of like a new milestone. A new part of grown up life that we are starting together.
It's a little weird having a husband that works a 8-5 job. It's also kinda lonely. But that's probably mostly because I don't have a job. YET. Some women (women that have been married 10+ years) tell me that eventually I will be happy when he goes to work. That I will like being alone. But for now, and at least for the next ten years, I like being with Robins. So although I can't complain about him being the only one to pay our bills, I do miss him.

But like I said, I am getting domesticated! And that is a milestone in itself. Because I swear all my friends were born domesticated. They cook, sew, run marathons, read lots of books and stuff.. but not me. But lately, instead of just looking at Pinterest, being so envious of all these cutesie girls, I took it upon myself to actually try some of those things I saw. So I did! It was a wreath. And it actually turned out pretty cute! So I kept being all domesticated until Chris limited my domestication time to twice a month because it was being a little too expensive..
(It looks orange. Ick. Believe me, it's not orange. It's a beautiful Yellow!)

So I've made him breakfast 75 percent of the time. And he's only been working four days now. So that means I accidentally kept sleeping on one of those days... I also pack his lunch! Cute huh!!? But also- is it just me or does it seem like he would feel that awkward embarrassment of carrying a sack lunch to work? Like it would maybe remind him of those awkward times in elementary when you brought a sack lunch? I dunno.. maybe that was just me. But I hated carrying that brown paper bag to school. I always tried to hide it, but I couldn't just put it in my back-pack or else my sandwich would look like a pancake by the time lunch rolled around. Speaking of that!! I ate at a cafeteria the other day at the hospital. They had MINI CORNDOGS and I even got a boxed Tampico juice to go with it! It was weird. The memories flooded back. And I sat alone at a table.. real loser-like. But I remembered why mini corndogs were my favorite meal.
Okay.. getting back on subject. Chris also took the GMAT a couple days ago so that he could apply for his Masters. I felt so sad for him. It was like the ACT all over again except.. way harder. He's such a hard little worker and I am so proud of him! So proud that I made him pose for his "first day" picture. He hated that. Hahahahaha. Love you bebe!

Also, we had my nieces stay over last weekend. We played hide and seek. This is what I found. Hahahahhahahahaha. I love Kallee.

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