Tuesday, January 10

Babies and stuff.

So honestly.. am I even a blogger anymore? No. I read OTHER peoples blogs everyday. And love every bit of them. Actually a new thing I've been doing a lot lately is just blog hopping. Cause I just can't get enough out of my ten blog friends.. So I start hopping around so much that I end up on some random ladies blog reading about the difficult water birth she gave two weeks ago. Chuck full of dramatic pictures and all. And then Chris walks by and he's like, "Ummm.. gross Lauren. Who is that?" And with little tears of joy in my eyes I'm like, "Janet from Wisconsin! Who just gave birth naturally! And she has just had so many trials! And she is just so amazing Chris! And I think I love her!!" ........... YIKES. So.. I love blogs? And I'm gonna get better again!

Playing catch up:

Chris and I MOVEEED!! What the? I bet lots of you didn't even know!! Actually I bet all of you knew. I posted it on facebook. And honestly, if you're here reading my blog, there's a 98.9 % chance that you are also a facebook stalker, like me. But lately (and by lately I mean since I've been married) every time Chris sees me on facebook, a little piece of me feels this yucky guilt. Like I'm a weird creep. So I always try to remember to have another screen (like a blog) minimized in the corner so that when he walks by I can hurry and switch it. Because for whatever reason, blogging doesn't feel so icky stalkerish to me. So yeah- we moved! To Layton. We were actually really sad to leave Logan. I never thought I'd be sad to see that place in my rearview, but it was a bittersweet goodbye. We'd made so many married friends and honestly, my life as a married woman was a lot more happenin' than my life as a single woman. Yes, that's right- life is STILL fun as a married person. It's not all "bills, laundry, and working through tough times".

But upon arriving to Layton, we realized that there are a lot of great things here. Everything, and I mean everything. Hobby Lobby, Kohls, a mall, the gym, Wal-mart, and Sams are all within three minutes of our apartment. And our apartment is so much nicer than our last. And we're paying less here! It's a beautiful thing.

Chris and I have been on break since school ended last semester. He doesn't start work until next week and I don't even have a job. So our lives consist of waking up, eating breakfast, watching some Lost episodes, eating lunch, hangin out, going to the gym, playing games, and just being together. It's honeymoon stage bliss ;)

Here's the next thing. I am sooo obsessed with pregnant ladies/new babies. If you know me- this will not come as any type of shocker. But let me just tell all of you people, the obsession was like a little sickness. Now it's a HUGE one. I loooooooove pregnant bellies. But guess why that is now becoming a problem? Because this belly of mine could be harboring a little alien any day now if I wanted. Okay, let me rephrase that. Because I do want it. But what I want isn't really an option. Because along with that obsession comes my career. One of the major reasons that I chose X-ray was because I wanted to do ultrasounds on babies. But I can't get pregnant anytime soon if I want to finish school so it's just this run-around of either having a prego belly of my own or killing my dream. And yesssss I KNOW what all of you people are going to say, "Just enjoy being with Chris!" "Wait a while to have a baby, your body will never be the same!" Or my personal favorite "..Oh you'll regret that decision fast.." Umm? Baby hater, or?? So for now, I am pursuing my career. But just a heads up, if I do get pregnant in the near future, it wouldn't be because I secretly stopped using birth control..... .......... ... it would be a MIRACLE!!

Next item on the list. I want to be a gym fanatic. I mean, that would be really cool, plus I would have like a size zero frame. But then you get kinda discouraged when you're happily running on the treadmill and then you realize the grandma two machines over has run 6 miles more than you. And granted, she has sweated at least 7 gallons of sweat, but she is STILL running. So you try to keep running to beat her distance, but you still fall short. 6 miles short. And then as you jump of your treadmill, bend over and try not to throw up, she gets off her machine and practically skips over to the weights. Is this some sort of sick joke? These crazy in-shape old people are all over the gym! Bringing your self-esteem to an all time low one bench press at a time. Its just infuriating. You know what else is infuriating? That I was completely one hundred percent joking about ever getting to a size zero. It's like some where between age 8 and 9 my body skipped that size. Plus like three more sizes.. And never looked back. It's a real joke. But I will press forward with my gym-ness anyways. Until those senior citizens get the best of me.

P.s. today I laughed until I cried at least 5 tears. And that is worth sharing. While making Chris watch "Babies First Day" on TLC with me, Chris asked, "So after they cut the umbilical cord, what do they do with it? Shove it back up there?" I was dying. He didn't know why it was so funny. And then he asked, "Would you mind if I left the room when you were delivering the baby?" And then nothing was funny.


  1. Hah! You're funny :) I like reading your writing.

  2. haha my cousin Shannon who just had a baby was over at our house the other day and she was changing the diaper and plop that umbilical cord fell right off! Reminded me of when Emma's fell off in your hand! You were always meant to be a newborn doctor :) And I love your blog and I'm so happy your loving being in Layton!

  3. oh and you should follow that eli mom blog if you don't.. I love reading blogs, I'm just not a blogger anymore :(

  4. I love love love when you write on your blog. Ummm we have all been there with the first paragraph. Now that we live close can I PLEASE come see you guys?

  5. Laur Laur!! I LOVED every word in this post! I can't even begin to say how much we miss you and Chris! Logan is not the same without you guys! And we have only been up here for TWO days!! I don't know what we are going to do without you...I guess, we'll just come to Layton on a bi-weekly basis or something! I'll hold on to my wishes for now:
    I wish we could still be in the same town, same apartment complex, right next door to each other! I wish we could play "hand and foot" and dance our little hearts out to Pandora while our husbands make fun of us! I wish I could run next door just to say hi and hang out while the hubby's are at school. I wish we could go bowling on Thursday nights! I wish a lot of things...but, we'll just have to ensure that we are neighbors again sometime in our future and for now we will just have to drive 60 miles to see each other! You are very missed!
    Love you lots!!

  6. dudette. layton rocks. lived there my whole life til I came to orem. Jealous jealous jealous your're living there. Also, I think you would be the most adorable pregnant girl. :)

  7. Wow. I have MISSED YOU IN BLOGWORLD!!!!!!! That last line was my absolute favorite. I love you two and am so happy that YOU are so happy. I miss you like crazy and I would love to plan a double with you and chris and me and my boo! Can't wait for the next update! LOVE YOU MS JEPSEN!

  8. haha! Lauren you're a crack up! I love it! That last line was super funny :) haha... p.s. I love married life in Logan! It's like this entire world of married students pops up that you didn't know about when you were single. it's awesome!


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