Wednesday, November 16

Wedding Part I

Sometimes in life... you feel a little bit sick inside because you know you have SO MUCH blogging to catch up on. So then you put it off longer and longer because for some weird reason you think that somehow, someday, someone will just mysteriously do it for you. And then you keep looking at it.. and still no one has done it? So then- you do it.

As of today, me and my Robins have been married for 97 days!! All I know is that means we beat Kim Kardashian and that means we'll make it no doubt. You could say that we are almost experts at marital stuff by now. I wake up at 6:30 to send Chris off to 7:00 class, I do laundry once a week faithfully, I cook meals two meals a day, I put the toilet seat down with a smile on my face, and I just chuckle to myself whenever Chris wakes me up with his snoring..:)
Hahahahahhahahahaha no... no I don't do any of those things. Even though I was wishing I would do all of them.. They don't kick in as easily as you'd hope they would.
Nonetheless, saying yes two and a half months ago, was the best thing I ever did.

But really- how sad is it that I never blogged about my wedding? I've had quite a few people confront me about the issue, and so even though its a couple months past due, I am FINALLY going to write about it. Because reliving that memory wont ever get old.


August 11, 2001.

I remember waking up in my bed. I didn't feel nervous, rushed, or panicked. I felt so refreshed. So ready to finally marry my sweet boy. My dad was making breakfast and my mom was getting ready. Everyone else was still sleeping. My hair and make-up lady came, and we started. I remember when she was done my brother Garrett gave me a big hug and said to me, "You look so beautiful, Laur." It set the mood for the rest of the day.

My dad, mom, and I drove down together. About half way there, I suddenly felt SICK to my stomach. So my dad suggest we stop at McDonalds in Park City for some food..? Of course there was a huge line. So my dad says, "Excuse me! Excuse me! My daughter is on her way to get married right now and she needs an Egg McMuffin!" So they let him to the front of the line. I got my McMuffin and O.J. and we were good to go. Sick no more.

On the way down I started to regret my decision not to prepare anything to say at the luncheon. I was just going to "go off my feelings at the moment".. I had brought my journal that I wrote for Chris to give him as a wedding present. As I was thumbing through it, I came across a page and my eyes started to fill with tears. I remembered writing that entry months and months before and I remember exactly how I was feeling. I was feeling that way on this day. So I decided that I would read that entry during the luncheon.

As soon as we got to the temple, we hit the ground running. The McDonalds excursion had put a little past due.. I also forgot my shoes in the car. But I remember seeing Chris for the first time in the entry of the temple. My heart instantly melted when I saw him. I had ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE in my decision to marry him. He was it. And this was our day.

The temple was the most wonderful part of the entire day. What a blessing it was to have all of our relatives and closest friends there. My heart has never felt as full. I am so glad that I found Chris to take me there.

A couple days before our wedding a friend told me, "Not everything will go perfect, not everyone will be there, but don't let it get you down- it's your one day to be 100 percent happy." And luckily she told me that because something did indeed go wrong. My photographers camera broke. She was able to take pictures of all of the family and friends thank goodness, but right after that- her camera blew up. Okay.. it didn't blow up. But it might as well have. It was a goner. So unfortunately.. we don't have any pictures of us at the temple. Every time I think of that now, I want to start crying. But for some reason that day, I was able to shrug it off and not worry about it. And thank goodness for that, because otherwise my make-up would have went to crap.

Then it was off to the luncheon. Which was nice, because it was right next door at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. One regret of the wedding day- NOT RECORDING all of the speakers. I would die to be able to hear that all again. Chris's dad spoke first. It was so tender and I will admit, I cried. Then my dad went and I REALLY cried. And then he surprised me with a song he had prepared! If anyone has ever heard this song, you will cry just listening to it. Imagine your dad singing it to you on your wedding day.. He did so well. But the entire song- he wouldn't even look at me! Later he told me that he knew if he looked over, he wouldn't be able to finish the song. Heart melter.

Then both of our sisters spoke. Stacey told me all about how I could "keep Chris happy," throughout our marriage. One of which was to always have a tub of ice cream in the freezer. Which is so true. Rachel spoke about how as a ten year old girl, wanting a little sister, I was her dream come true. And how on this day, Chris probably felt the same way that she did 20 years ago. They both gave perfect tributes and we were so happy that we asked them to speak.

Then I went. Like I said, I wouldn't let myself "plan" anything. But I definitely regretted that decision instantly. So I read my journal entry, and I was so glad that I did. Because I couldn't have said anything more truthful on that day.

"When I'm with you, all I think about is how happy I am. And when I'm not with you, all I think about is the hours until I'll be able to. I want you to be a part of everything in my life. I want to share my joys with you, and I want to celebrate your accomplishments. I want you to be the one I instantly call when I'm upset, and I want to help you when you're struggling. I want to share a closet with you. I want to buy your groceries. I want to make our bed and fold your laundry. I want you to be the person who takes care of me for the rest of my life, and I want to be the one to take care of you. I just want you. I want every piece. The good and the bad. I want to be the love of your life because I'm confident that you could be mine."

Then Chris went.. and he probably wouldn't want me to say this, but this is the only time I ever have/probably ever will see him cry. He talked about how just a couple months before we started dating he had prayed to Heavenly Father to "help him find a girlfriend," because he figured it was time to stop being a player and start preparing for marriage (he didn't exactly say player..). But little did he know that not only would the Lord give him a girlfriend, but He would give him a wife! I'm persistent. That's all.

So that was it for the luncheon. It was pure bliss. Funny tidbit- I needed to change out of my dress to drive to Heber.. but I just kept thinking about how Chris would want to come "change with me," or my parents would shove us in a room together, but I was SCAAAAARED. So I made sure he wasn't looking, and I ran into a little closet to change. Haha silly mormon girl...

So there ya have it, I'm done with part one. It feels good. Like a huge monster homework assignment that has been procrastinated PAST the due date.

P.s. Life as a wife is freakin cool. And guess what rumor about marriage isn't true? It isn't "hard". Not even a little. Who'da thunk it?


  1. Lauren. You know exactly how to make and girl laugh and cry all in one blog post! You're such a good writer! I laughed so hard at the opening part about all the things you don't do. and I cried because it's been FARRRRR too long since I've seen you and a miss my best friend and I'm sorry I got mad at you the other day! and I also cried because I remember your luncheon and it was the cutest, most touching thing I've ever participated in! I freaking love you. I need to see you asap. I love you.

  2. dear lauren,
    BAH!! so cute!! ok now I am super jealous I didn't blog about my wedding. fiiinnne. I will go do that now. You crack me up girl and I hope you two can change in the same room by now. ,) just jokin.
    p.s. keep the posts comin. i need something to read while i'm in biology.

  3. I could read stories of Robbins and Ruth ALWAYS. Finally. I love your post Lauren. I loved part one. You two looked greet that day. I love how your love and happiness beam from the inside out! And PS I love the part about your journal entry. Perfectly said!

  4. I have full on tears in my eyes. You know the kind that make your throat hurt from clenching? Yeah. This was beautiful, and you make me beyond excited to share in that love and PROMISE of marriage. I love you and am so happy to see YOU so happy. Congrats to you and Chris again. And believe me... I am SO staying posted for Part 2. Can't wait.


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