Tuesday, July 26

All about HIM

Last time I blogged, we had 60 days until our wedding. And I thought it was so close.
Now we are down to 16 days. 16 days. 60 days is not close- 16 IS. I even started practicing my new signature. <- - - bad news is that J's were always my weak point in cursive.

Christopher Dan and I have had such a hectic, amazing, busyyyy, full summer. I have barely had time to count down the days let alone blog. Wedding plans have kept me busier than I ever knew possible. When it was finally time for me to leave to Europe to meet up with Chris, I was in deep need of a vacation. I feel sad that I didn't really blog about our trip, but just the thought of trying to catch myself up right now makes me nauseous. There just simply isn't enough time. So I will just leave it at this- if you could imagine going to Europe for two weeks with your Fiance, it was that amazing times 43 million. It was romantic, adventurous, and unforgettable. I dont know how many of the museums or castles I'll remember- but there are a few select moments with Chris that I will cherish forever.

Soooo.. it's 4:00 a.m. and I guess tonight marks the first night before the wedding that I can't sleep because I am beyond anxious to marry my little Robins. I still have 16 days left, so hopefully this comes in waves else I'm gonna look really tired on August 11th.
[Warning: it's about to get real lovey in here]
Dating Chris was always exciting. I was always excited for the next kiss, for the next date night, for the next "I love you." But being engaged to Chris has, up to this point, been the happiest four months of my life. I can whole-heartedly say that every day I wake up feeling lucky that I am living out my dream. I wished for him on so many birthday cakes, shooting stars, 11:11's, etc.. Little did I know that it would be this good.
Some people say that the source of a lot of problems are expectations. For me, it has been exactly the opposite. Chris has literally hurdled my expectations. Made them look ridiculous. One thing that used to drive me crazy about him, is now one of my very favorite attributes he has. He is the slooooowest mover ever. K maybe not ever, but compared to me.. yea..
He has always taken his sweet time with everything. Including: asking me out, kissing me, holding my hand, dtr-ing me, telling me he loved me, and proposing. The good thing about his "slow mover" attribute is that I feel like I am still learning all about him. Just when I think I know him perfectly, he comes out with another astonishing quality. I kinda feel like a dried up well compared to him. I let him know everything about me so much quicker. I don't have anymore surprises, but I swear- his will never end.
Every passing day I love him more than the day before. And that is no lie. We got our temple recommends yesterday and it finally kicked in for real reaaal.
This. is. ETERNITY. And thank goodness for that. Because I would never take a day less than that.

16 days feels so close but also so far away. I wanted to marry Chris 8 months ago. . To wait another 16 days seems like too much to ask. But it's fine. I will wait. I'm getting used to this waiting game.
In fact, if I knew in advance the kind of love I would have with him- I would wait years. Years and years. Cause I know that I could never love someone more.

16 dayyyysss. 16 days and I'm going to have Chris forever. And I don't think anyone could feel luckier than I do.


  1. This is the cutest post I've ever read. Brought tears to my eyes. I am SO glad you are so happy, and so in love. I can't wait to see you in white, it is coming quick. You two are perfect together!

  2. I too have tears in my eyes!!! I love you so much and am so proud of you!!! I am excited for you to marry your best friend!!! It is the best thing you will ever do in your life!!! Cherish him forever. Just when you think your love can't get any stronger......it will. Court each other for the rest of your life and remember that you are each others first priority forever. If you do that....everything else will fall into place!!!!! I love seeing you so blissfully happy!!!!

  3. i second these comments! other than the fact that i dont really know these people, their comments are adorable and so are you kids!! congrats && super cute post :)


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