Sunday, May 29

The beginning of the LONGEST 3 weeks of my life.

What do you do when the past six months of your life you've been dreading a day so much that you knew you'd probably just die when it came. . . and then it came? Do you actually. . die? Cause that's probably what I wanna do right now. Die for three weeks. Die until I can know he's only a couple doors down or AT LEAST only a phone call away.

Am I being too whiney? Oh for sure. But just please let me be for a quick two secs.

I'm supposed to be leaving for Europe in three weeks and you'd think I'd be way excited, right? Wrongo. Because right now Europe feels like a home-wrecker. The girl that I dreaded the arrival of. . . she swooned my most precious possession into her arms with her luscious green rolling hills, cute brick alleyways, breathe taking vineyards, and endless amounts of gelato and crepes. So. . tell me how to compete with that. It's near impossible, I'll tell you that much. For some reason I just can't seem to plant a seed of excitement for my up coming trip to the land that is creating a tiny tear in my heart.

Alright well brb, I'm just gonna go check my phone for calls or texts I might've missed for Christopher Dan. Wait. CRAP.

On a happier note, we get married in 75 days!!!


  1. * You deserve to be whiney... duh. It's what we can do as a girl.
    * I hope the three weeks fly by... because I want you to get over to Euro too so I can then hear all the stories!
    * I love the blog... keep posts coming.
    * I love that wedding countdown!

  2. Laur.

    I am whiney too. I feel like I'm experiencing this EXACT same thing except my homewrecker is South America. Pull through strong. Just think of how wonderful it'll be when you see him again :). And at least you get to go over to Europe to greet him. That is AWESOME :).

  3. oh my gosh get sooooo excited because you are going to love it here! and i totally know what you mean about missing chris like crazy. i feel like the 5000 mile difference is that old girlfriend that cody still hangs out with when i'm busy... ick. hahha, but seriously i can't wait to see you in 2 weeks!


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