Sunday, April 17

The Beginning of Something Good

Okay how do I even start?!?!
I get to marry the best man I know.
I've never been so happy about anything in my life!! It is truly the best feeling I've ever felt. Half the time I just want to cry because I feel so lucky and the other half I just want to break out dancing because I'm so excited! I can't believe I found him. I wondered about him forever, and the whole time he was just growing up across the mountain.
Okay so the proposal story!!! It was such a special day for both of us!

Chris and I had planned to go up to Heber for the weekend so that he could "talk to my dad." About a week earlier I had planned for Chris and I to meet up with my brothers Garrett and Carson and his wife Simone on Friday night before we went up to Heber. They were leaving for summer sales in just a couple days so I wanted to go to dinner and say bye to them. So I had worked it all out with them pretty far in advance. (Little did I know- I had set up the perfect lie for Chris...)
So the weekend rolled around and Chris and I drove down to Provo for our supposed "dinner". Almost as soon as we got to Provo, my brother Carson called and cancelled! He said Ga
rrett and him had one of their recruits for summer sales back out and they needed to go talk to him. I was SO mad at him.. Why would he cancel when we drove all the way down to Provo just for dinner with them? I really wanted to say something bratty but I bit my tongue. Chris is the calmest person I know, so I feel like I need to be more like him. . .
But really- I was mad. Now we had nothing to do for a couple hours before we had to be to Heber so I asked Chris if he wanted to go shopping in Provo or something to kill some time. He said, "No. . it's okay, we can just head up early and hang out with your family for a bit!" So we kept driving.

As soon as we got to Provo Canyon, Chris could NOT stop talking about how pretty the canyon was!! I was just over in my seat, still a little angry at my brother, saying, "yeah Chris.. it's really pretty.." About half way through the canyon he said, "Don't you think Sundance would be beautiful?!" A little hesitant I replied, "Well.. it would probably be pretty dead up there. But yeah, I guess it would be pretty.." So he suggested we drive up there to kill some time!

So away we went. While we were driving up Sundance, Chris reminded me of the date we went on this summer to hike Timpanogas. He told me that it was a really special date for him. That it was a "determining" date. And really- it was a great date!! He got to see what I looked like at
3 a.m., what I looked like hiking a stinkin HUGE mountain, and what I looked like AFTER hiking a stinkin HUGE mountain (which was no bueno. . . at all). And he still liked me. Weird. But you get the point- it was a special place for us.

So we drove up to the parking lot right below where the hike starts. He suggested that we get out and walk around. So we got out and he said, "Lets walk up there a ways!" Let me just tell you- there was like.. oh I dunno, fifteen feet of snow still!? So I said, "Chris! No way. I have flip flops on! I'm not trekkin through that snow!" Hahaha I was being a bit of a plan wrecker I think.. but in my defense, I didn't know there were any plans!!
So we just sat there in the parking lot for a while just talking and hugging. He then told me he had an early Easter present for me!! I was pumped! I immediately said, "It's that watch huh?! That watch you kept having me look at online!!" He had been talking about getting me a watch forever, so I totally thought I knew.
But then he opened his trunk and pulled out a big basket full of easter eggs. They were numbered 1-4. I started to get a little nervous in my mind. . . but I just kept telling myself, "Lauren. . expect a watch, expect a watch. . ." Because what if it really WAS a watch, and I was expecting a ring!? That would be the worlds worst let-down right? So I just stuck with my watch idea. He told me to go in order. So I opened number 1.

#1. A picture of the computer lab where Chris works. The back read, "It all started here! Who would have known Dare Tuesday created something so great!
(In my mind, I'm freakin out a little. . . okay, a lot)

#2. A picture of the bowling alley we went to on our first date. It read, "It only took me 6 months to finally ask you out! But it was definitely a great date to start on!"
(I was mostly just thinking "what in the world took 6 months. . . ? Geeze.")

#3. A picture of my messy room. It read, "The place where the first watered down 'I Love You' was said as well as the big status change!"
(Okay. . my hands were sweating. Gross. And my body started to get a little shaky.)

#4. A picture of his house in St. George. It read, "This Thanksgiving I was most grateful for a beautiful girl that wanted to marry me! It only took a couple of months to say it back, but I now know that I want to be sealed to you for the rest of eternity!"
(My conscious: I'm a little embarrassed that I seriously told him that I wanted to marry him first. . . but that's okay cause he just called me "beautiful," so thats pretty nice. . WAIT did he just say eternity?!)

#5. WAS A HUGE EGG. The size was a little intimidating. I opened it a little crack and saw the ring box. I panicked.
"Whoa Chris!! I'm nervous!!!!! I'm not ready!!!!!!" (I was ready okay- just a little thrown off guard..)
Next thing I know, he's down on his knee, holding the most beautiful ring in the world, asking the big question!!
With no doubt in my mind I said of YES!! I was shaking, he was shaking, and I'm shaking right now just writing this!!! It was so so special. Just the way I imagined it as a little girl
except fifteen times better because the boys face wasn't a huge question mark anymore, it was Chris's! We hugged, maybe kissed:), took a couple pictures, and just soaked up every second that we could.
He then proceeded to tell me that my entire family had been lying to me for the past week to make this all work out! Sneaky little devils.. It was such a perfect perfect day though. I will never forget the way I felt and the way Chris looked.

Chris is everything that I have ever wanted and MORE. He is the perfect man and I love him with every piece of my heart. He is an answer to my prayers and I couldn't be more excited to spend eternity with him. I love you Robins.


  1. Ah!!! Lauren, I loved reading this story even though we got to HEAR it from you guys last night! I just adore both of you! I am so excited for you both!! Love you guys!! AND your ring is GORGEOUS!!!

  2. darling that is soooo beautiful! i am so happy for you and chris! what a lucky girl:)

  3. LAUREN!! I love this story!! I laughed... I cried... haha so wonderful! You two are so in love and I love it! It's beautiful!

  4. ....Annnnnd THERE IT IS!!!!! Tears in my eyes, so so so happy for you and what an amazing story. I love that you were so surprised. And how thoughtful. SO excited for you both to begin your new life together. I love you!!! P.s......cutest blog? font? everything....I need help. CANT WAIT TO CHAT!

  5. Yay yay yay yay yay yay.. Just got so excited I peed a little. Love you guysssssss!

  6. laur. I've heard this story like...3 times. and I just read it twice. I love it so much!!! seriously. You are such a good writer. I could seriously feel your excitedness/scaredness when he got down on one knee!!! My favorite part is that you were like "i'm nervous! I'm not ready!!!" hahahaa. I love you so much and I'm SOOO excited for you guys. This is the best story ever. I love ruth and robins!

  7. oh my gosh! k that is sooo stinking cute! i love all your little thoughts in the " ( ) " haha. and your ring-- holy gorgeous!! so happy for you two :)

  8. i LOVE that you told him you werent ready .hahahahah. i love you, you big goose!!!!!!!!!

  9. whittney hemstreetApril 18, 2011 at 8:29 PM

    laur i love love love this!!! jealous! such a cute way! tell him good job!! so so happy for ya! love hearing it! ha call me sometime! i love you!!!

  10. OHHH I had goose bumps the entire time! GREAT story telling and I love the details of it.


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