Monday, February 24

7 month photos

I knew I wanted to get some pictures taken when Will hit his 6 month mark. But it seems that everything in my life now happens behind schedule... Soooo it was a little later.

I was absolutely sure that I wanted it to be an at-home shoot. I wanted to capture him in his element.  (And I really didn't care too much for a picture of him in a bucket surrounded by basketballs, if you know what I mean.) I knew he would feel more comfortable, and quite frankly, so would I. It took a while of searching for the right photographer (hence the non-6 month pictures), but when I found Harmony's site, I knew she had exactly what I was looking for.  And she also included a few family pictures as well, so that was a total bonus.

Will was a total ham this day- and he loved Harmony. He was seriously flirting with her! I'll let the pictures do the talking.. So without further ado, here are some of Wills SEVEN month pictures.

We feel pretty lucky to call him ours..


  1. These are perfect!!! I just love then. Little Will is the cutest chubbers ever!!!

  2. Lauren, these pictures are so cute!!! What a darling little family!!!


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