Thursday, October 10

My not-so-perfect self.

Soooooooooo. I just want to address something.

The other day a friend of mine told me she had another friend (whom I don't really know) who just thought I had this perfect little life. And that it made her feel bad to look at my pictures/blog/instagram.

I instantly felt sick. NO NO NO NOO.

We all know those girls who just post pictures of their perfect life, perfect husband, perfect baby, perfect cooking skills, perfect home decor, perfect outfits, etc... And guess what? It DOES make you feel bad. It makes you feel bad that your life isn't where theirs is at. And it makes you wonder WHY.

Example: Pinterest. I can't hardly stand to get on pinterest. Cause I always end up shutting my computer feeling jealous, poor, non-crafty, and not nearly as pretty as all of those girls with their beautiful, long, lush hair.

I vowed a long time ago to never be one of those girls who paints out their lives to be picture-perfect to others. To make others feel as if I don't have struggles or insecurities. Because frankly- I have plenty.

It's hard to share your problems with others. You don't want anyone to think less of you. You don't want your secrets to cheapen your personal value. I get it. And maybe I've put up too much of a front lately..

But here's the thing- and here's where it's different for me. I believe that seeing other peoples flaws only makes me love them more. I can relate to them. I realize they are just as human as I am. And I feel that maybe they will be forgiving of MY shortcomings because they've been there too.

That being said- I don't think the public internet is exactly the right place to open my closet and show you all of my skeletons. But guess what? They are there. And as much struggle and heartache as they cause, I don't feel bad that I have weaknesses. They humble me and help me to realize that I can never stop working to improve myself.

My life is far from perfect. I have been blessed with FAR more than I deserve. But that does not make me perfect. I never want to seem insensitive to anyones' hardships or trials.  And I absolutely never ever never want anyone to feel bad about themselves when they read my blog, follow my insta, etc.

Life is full of trials, and I truly do believe that we are all given an equal amount in different ways. But maybe we should all be a little more proud of our weaknesses and forget about making our lives look so glamorous on the outside.

Because life with flaws and hardships, IS a perfect life.


  1. This is a great post! I know you aren't perfect & that's why I like you so much:)

  2. I love it - thanks for being so honest!! You are still as beautiful/wonderful as ever

  3. Awwww Lauren this blog post is seriously an answer to my prayers. I needed this more than anything right now. You are amazing and couldn't have said it more perfect. Thank you for this.

  4. Preach it! I have an intense love/hate relationship with Pinterest.
    I think you said it right, "life with flaws and hardships, IS a perfect life." Imperfections definitely keep things interesting.


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