Monday, September 23

Things to come.

Guess who hasn't had the internet for 2 weeks now? This girl. 

We moved into our new home (!!!!) and Comcast (whom I absolutely despise) hasn't been able to come out to hook up our new system yet. But in all honesty- there has been something so refreshing about not  having t.v. or internet. I spend more quality time with my boys. I don't think either Robins or I realized how much precious time we were wasting in front of the t.v. and laptop until we didn't have either of them. But pretty much I'm ready to have them back.. Ha. So I'm typing this post from my phone which is basically just way annoying. So this won't be long... 

But I'm so excited to come back and give some updates! Will is 2 1/2 months. Can you believe it? And things in mommy-ville have gotten MUCH easier. More on that to come.. 

And I just want you to get yourselves excited to hear about the story where I accidentally let my TINY LITTLE 2 MONTH OLD INFANT EAT A BAND-AID. I'm still hyperventilating about it. Mother of the year award right here. Holla! 

Oh how I've missed my little bloggie. I'll be back in a week. Hang with me!

P.s. if you're feeling especially judgey, probably don't read the post about the band-aid eating infant.. Because let's be honest- how does one let her own child eat a used band-aid?? K cool.

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