Friday, June 14

My sensitive little heart

Chris and I went to a child-birthing class last week. (No, that does not mean that I am planning on a natural childbirth..) We had a couple people recommend it to us and I, of course, was all for it. Robins, on the other hand, has been dreading it for the past three months.
So the weekend finally rolled around, and he was seriously SO SAD that he had to give up his golfing trips for this 2 day class.
But let me just say this. We both walked away feeling so prepared, anxious, and excited to meet our babe. It was such a neat experience. Chris full on admitted that he loved it. I'm not kidding. He doesn't even deny it to his friends!
He was so sweet the entire time, practicing the stretches and exercises with me. And he was even better at the "Hee-hee-whooooo" breathing method than I was! He also had to wear the "Sympathy Belly" for an hour one day. He was very reluctant to let me snap a picture, but luckily, I got one. So funny, but also very disturbing to see my husband with boobs..

This post wasn't even supposed to be about that class at all.. but I just have so many good things to say about it! I would recommend it to everyone on their first baby. And if your husband isn't too excited about the idea of it, just have him call Chris. He'll talk him into it ;)

What I was trying say was that in the class, the instructor told us that when you are pregnant, especially near the end, your hormones are 45 TIMES HIGHER THAN NORMAL.  45. That's insane. As soon as she said that- Chris looked at me and said, "Whoa. you've been pretty happy this entire pregnancy.." Hahaha. Brownie points for sure.
But seriously, I was amazed that I hadn't been more emotional/moody considering the whole 45 thing.. But I spoke too soon. My heart has been laced with so much emotion lately.

Everything either makes me really really happy- or it makes me sick to my stomach sad.
Have you seen this movie?

I know, I know, a cheesy Nicholas Sparks movie. Even I was skeptical about watching it. But we had nothing else to do last night... So we did a little illegal downloading, and watched it in bed. Robins fell asleep within 15 minutes obviously. But since I don't get any sleep anyways, I was stuck watching the rest.
By the end of the movie, my head was spinning. I was so sad. And it ends happy for crying out loud! But the whole story.. just broke me in half. I couldn't get over it. When it was over, I laid in bed, and held onto Chris as tight as he would let me. I just kept replaying in my mind what would happen if Chris ever died. Or if I died. Or our little baby J who hasn't even been born yet! My heart was throbbing. I've never been so upset about a movie. Or a book. Or anything like that.

And you know what else made my heart hurt this week? These sad pictures.

Don't worry- he's fine. He only got his wisdom teeth out. But they had to perform the surgery at Primary Children's because of his heart issues. And they were just worried about putting him under. All-in-all no big deal. But when my dad sent me these pictures, tears flooded my eyes. Normally, I would find these things kinda funny. My little brother on pain meds and stuff... But not lately.
Those pictures just made me feel.. UGH. SO HURTY INSIDE.

At least this one should be funny, right?


Why can't I enjoy these funny things?! I am one big soggy sack of sadness.

The good news is that even though my sadness has increased like 10 fold, so has my happy. Small things make me ecstatically happy. Like the fact that Wendys got a waffle cone for their frosty. I smiled for like ten minutes after I finished my cone just thinking of what a great idea it was!
Also, I got hair extensions. I was in desperate need of a change. And I've been so happy all day about that. Except for right now.. my head is kinda really sore.

Oh and guess what my new resolution to no sleep is?! BAKING. Genius, right?! I make lots of cookies and muffins and then I send Chris off to work with them in the morning to give to all of his coworkers. They probably appreciate Chris' insomniac wife. Chris stopped appreciating my pregnancy baking tendencies ten pounds ago.. Let's just say he's gained a little sympathy weight.. Haha.

Anyways... I'm off to bake another round! Ha nah.. I'm just kidding. I need to sleep. Or at least pretend to. Goodnight doggies! 

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  1. Haha you kill me!! Chris was looking real nice in that sympathy belly. I'm really glad to know I wasn't the only one who bawled while watching safe haven! Our minds just think too much alike!! You're darling! Can't wait to see baby boy!!


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