Saturday, May 11

Week 31

What is new this week?
I don't know if this question is supposed to be strictly about the baby or what? But the only thing new around here is his nursery!! The crib finally came, and now we officially have everything. Besides wall decor.. I'm still trying to decide on that. But it's so fun to have everything set up! Every time I walk past his door, I peek in there. And I even ate breakfast in there twice this week..  I'm loving how it's turning out. 

How big is the baby?
16 inches and 3.3 pounds. Baby boy is getting BIG!!! It literally feels like yesterday when Chris and I were so excited because he was the size of raspberry. Haha.

Stretch Marks?
Bleh. Yes. I REALLY hoped to weasel my way out of getting stretch marks. But I don't think I'll be able to. I noticed some super small ones on my sides yesterday. Please bless they go away. 

Maternity Clothes? 
Oh heavens yes!! In fact, Chris let me indulge at Motherhood Maternity last week when we were in Vegas. Actually- I spent every penny of my allotted "shopping money" there. And then some... It feels so nice to have clothes that fit!

Actually, it has surprisingly gotten better the past couple weeks. My pregnancy pillow has literally become a part of the family. And Robins refers to it as "my best friend". Which is partially true.. 

Best Moment of the Week? 
I wore some pants the other night that were a little too tight around my belly. I thought I could handle it for a couple hours.. But the little mister definitely let me know he wasn't happy about it. I guess I was crowding him, because he kicked at that tight waist band for a solid 2 hours until I took them off. And then he finally cooled his jets.
I don't know why this was the best part of the week, but it made Chris and I laugh. We're so excited to see what his little personality is like- even if it means he's stubborn ;)

Food Cravings/Aversions: 
Mexican and Chinese food have been at the BOTTOM of my food list this entire pregnancy. But oddly enough, I've really been craving them this week. 
I think my only aversion right now would be spaghettio's. Because my neighbor downstairs, who I told you about in this post actually doesn't have the stomach flu like I originally presumed. He just has a hangover. Every single night. So Chris and I get to listen to him throw up every morning right outside our window. You might be asking, "Why does he have to puke in the grass? Why can't he throw up in the toilet like any other normal person?" I couldn't answer that for you. We've asked ourselves the same question for 6 months now..  
ANYWAYS. Two days ago he choose to throw up at the bottom of the stairs instead of in the grass. Change of scenery I guess? So every time I went down the stairs, I had to step over his puke. And I'm sure you can guess what he had for dinner the night before. You got it. Spaghettios. 

This boy loves his dad. Whenever Chris gets home from work, and he hears his voice, it's like an instant reaction. He starts squirming all over the place. My belly just starts rolling from one side to the other. I read on one of my pregnancy forums that lots of babies do this when they hear the sound of their dad's voice. It melts my heart. And Chris' too.
And also, every time I play candy crush on my phone. He either really loves the song it plays or he's trying to say he loves video games.

What I miss? 
Being able to shave my legs with minimal discomfort. I dread it every time I'm in the shower now. I would just put shaving on the back burner until the due date, but everyone knows that there's nothing worse than spiky legs. 

Anything Making you Queasy or Sick?
Just my heartburn. Ugh. 

Labor Signs?
A couple days ago, I was in my neighborhood on a walk  when a small bout of contractions hit. They were definitely enough to stop me in my tracks, and instantly grab my belly. And the rest of the way home, I kept thinking, "Oh good gosh. I am so not ready for labor.." 
You guys- I am SCARED. 

Overall Mood:
So happy. Really! This baby is making me glow as bright as the sun. I love him. 

What I'm Looking forward to?
Watching Robins change a diaper. He will gag. No doubt. Is it weird that I'm actually looking forward to that? 

29 weeks

30.5 weeks

31 weeks

My belly has officially massively popped. I don't know how it will ever go back to normal!! 


  1. I LOVE that he goes crazy when Chris gets around. That is the sweetest thing ever. My question is, how do they know???? Babies must have x-ray vision or something before they exit the womb.

    also, who likes tight pants anyway? not me. not anyone I know. Good to know your kid won't be one of those skinny jean wearin' boys.

  2. Haha my husband will most definite gag too! You look stunning, totally have a glow!! Makes me so baby hungry!!!

  3. That is so exciting! You look AMAZING. That is so cute that he moves at the sound of your husbands voice! :)

  4. You look great Lauren!! You wear pregnancy beautifully :) Loved the update!

  5. You are the most adorable pregnant girl ever!!!! And please, your belly is TINY!!!! It will go back I promise..... sorta. Ha! So excited for you!!


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