Wednesday, May 6

A happy list

Life has been relatively the same around here. And maybe thats why I don't write. How do I get all of you excited to read about our latest trip to the zoo, or Will's continual need to make me call poison control? Call it writers block.
It's pouring rain outside and I guess that just made me feel the need to snuggle up on the couch and dust off the old blog. Mostly today has been a crap loaded day.. Nothing even big, just like a million little annoyances all in ONE DAY. You know those days. When every glass of DP spills on your carpet just because you looked at it wrong?
A couple weeks ago, a cute blogger that I follow created "A Happy List" and while I was reading it, it totally made me happy! Thanks, Katie :) So I'm going to write one of my own in hopes of turning this day around, and also in hopes of inspiring you to create one as well. It's always important to remember the good things in our life, amiright? Here goes.

Things that make me terribly happy:

-The moment Chris walks in the door after work
-Sunrises. Although I ADORE sleeping in, when I'm actually up at the crack of dawn, it is the ultimate rejuvenation
-A clean house
-Hearing Will babble in the morning before I come get him out of bed. Except guess what? He just learned how to OPEN doors.. So he actually comes to get me out of bed now
-Fresh flowers
-Pregnant people, pregnancy, birth stories, etc. Oh, you guys already knew that? Sorry;)
-Two things here: Weddings, and missionary welcome homes. (Like, the airport part of the welcome home, not the sacrament meeting) If I could attend one of either of these a week, I'd be the darn near happiest girl ever. And guess who gets home in 34 days? My little brother!!!!!!!!!!! I love that kid and can't wait to just squeeze the daylights outta him!
-Watching my baby sleep (me and every mom in the world)
-Hand written letters
-Getting hugged from behind when you aren't expecting it (even if it's just a tiny 1 year old hugging the bottom of my legs)
-Shopping sans children
-The bathtub

And just to throw out a teeny tiny bit of pessimism...

Things that pull my chain:

-Taco Times drive thru. Why does it always take 40 minutes?!?!
-Pessimistic people. Haha go figure, right? But seriously, I cannot. I just cannot.

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