Monday, July 22

Who says it's so bad?

Before I had the baby, the only thing I ever heard about the hospital stay was how exciting it was to finally LEAVE. But let me just say- our stay at the hospital was glorious.
Because of the c-section, I had to stay for 4 days instead of the regular 2. And I wish it would've been longer. They were some of the most precious, tender days of my life.

About an hour after my surgery, the nurse came in to start the magnesium sulfate. Remember that dreaded medicine I talked about in my last post? I didn't realize that I had to be hooked up to it even though I had opted for the c-section. I guess my body still had a good chance of going into seizures, so this medicine was supposed to prevent that.
They told me it would make me feel pretty bad- but I definitely underestimated them. It was horrific. I felt so miserable, and didn't even have the strength to take care of my baby. Luckily, I only had to stay on it for 24 hours. But sadly, because of it, I can't remember the first 24 hours of my babies life. And poor Robins was on his own. The nurses taught him how to change his diapers, how to hold him, swaddle him, etc... I still feel guilty for that.
My doctor came in early the next morning, saw how sick I was, and told the nurse to turn off the magnesium right then. I could've kissed him when he said that! After that, it was blue skies.

On the first day, Chris gave him his first bath, and the sweet nurse took pictures.

Poor baby had a slight cone head from being down so far in my pelvis for the last couple weeks...

He loved getting his head washed, and still does to this day.

These two pictures of Robins with Will melted my heart.

So fresh and perfect. Nothing smells better than a brand newborn.

The next couple days were filled with visits from our sweet family and friends. I tried to remember to take pictures, but unfortunately missed a lot of people. But we were so glad to have visitors! Thank you to everyone who came and showed their love and support for us. We love you all!!

The quality of this picture is awful, but it was one of my favorite moments. Chris, Will, and I squished together in my hospital bed, and watched a movie one night. It was the first night I realized that this was my new life. With these two sweet boys.

Come to find out- we could have stayed another day.. major bummer. But because of our excellent timing, we were able to "run into" my little brother Devin (who had just barely entered the MTC for an LDS mission a week prior) as he was leaving a doctors appointment. We were so happy that he was able to meet Will before he headed off to Florida! 

(Please excuse my swollen self whom still looks 5 months preggers)

That week was one that I hope to never forget. I love my little family of three :)


  1. So beautiful- all of it. I wish I could have been there. I love those pictures of Chris bathing Will for the first time! You are such a lovely family, makes me so excited to have a little family of 3!

  2. this is beautiful lauren! also-if you have time between being a mom, i've nominated you for the liebster award! go to my blog for more info!

  3. you are a doll mrs lauren! i just hopped over to blogger and im obsessing over your honesty. its refreshing. im going to grab your button! we should trade :)

  4. oh my gosh. He is BEAUTIFUL Laur! I wouldn't even worry about looking swollen after giving birth... you look beatuiful and have proof that you gave birth and held an amazing body in you for 9 months! This looks so worth it and helps me have hope that even if there are a few complications, it is all worth it to get them here. Love you and love your little family of 3!!!

  5. So cute! I love all the photos and your baby is DARLING!!! You look fabulous my dear :) (And i loved my hospital stay too! haha) xo


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