Wednesday, September 26

Confessions Part I

I need to ramble.

First on the list? PMS. Is it real? Yes yes yes yes yes yes. Yes a million times over. I will shamefully admit that at one point in time I was one of the believers who thought that PMS-ing was just a "made-up excuse" for someone to be mean/sad/scary.

This is what I have to say to all of those people who think that is the case: Implant a uterus into your body, feed it with crazy amount of hormones, sit back and let it ruin your life.

Excuse my dramatics.. but seriously. Someone scary has taken over my body this week. And guess who gets to deal with the repercussions of her? Robins, that's who. Bless his little heart and soul.
I think birth control has played a pretty big part in it, because in my earlier years, this time of month wasn't quite so discombobulating. And honestly- it really isn't this bad most of the time... But man alive, this past week has been a doozy.

Que crazy person story:
Last night I was walking out the door to go to work. I had a bag of M&M's in my hand (chocolate also calls my name this time of month..) and Chris says, "Whoa- that's a pretty big bag of goodies you've got there!"
What was my response? I threw the bag at the ground, causing all the M&M's to break, and fly everywhere. "You think I'm FAT!" and I stormed out of the door.

You think I'm kidding. I wish I were. This girl is out of freakin control. Don't worry, within five minutes I had apologized to him for being the most ridiculous human on Earth. But still. The poor kid has been walking on eggshells this week.

All in all: I don't usually PMS, but when I do.. run. Run for your sorry life.

Onto kinder thoughts.. On Saturday night we went camping up above Pineview and let me tell you- even though we stayed in the sketchiest campground known to man, it was beautiful! Not necessarily the campground, but the changing leaves all around us. Which reiterates my desire to someday own a cabin. I will own one. I have to.
We went with the Gibbs, whom have two ADORABLE little girls. It was good for two reasons:
1) Because we love the Gibbs 2) Because lately I have been trying to train Chris with babies. So that he will want one as much as I do. I think it kinda worked..
Favorite part of this pic is cute little gracie in the corner. 

yeah, we adopted. didn't you know?

After camping we scooted our way up to Heber for dinner with the family. My sweet parents have been growing a pumpkin patch this year, so we all went and picked a couple for our own keeping. Don't make fun of me for looking homeless in these pics. We had just gotten back from day 2 of camping, okay?

Our very first pumpkin as a marriaged couple

Anywho. Happy Wednesday all ya'll!! 

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  1. You make me laugh. hard. I love your blog. Nough said.


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